Discover the setup process for FlexPayz payment wearables.

Here you can learn how to setup our wearables using FlexPayz app.

FlexPayz App

The FlexPayz app serves as the command center for your wearable, enabling you to effortlessly set it up, make adjustments, and temporarily freeze its functions. This provides you with complete control over your wearable and its features.

  • You only need this app to set up and manage the wearable(s). The other person can use the digital business card without installing any app. Also, the app or your phone doesn't need to be nearby when you pay with the wearable.

  • Launch the FlexPayz app and hold your wearable against the back of your mobile phone. Check the NFC 'sweet spots' for your specific device type below.If pairing issues arise, remove your phone case and make sure no other cards are near the NFC reader, as they can disrupt the signal. Additionally, it is important to keep the wearable behind the phone rather than placing the phone on the wearable.

Connect Payment Card

Set up a free Curve account, or proceed to step 4 if your bank is directly supported and you only need to link one card. You can check which banks are eligible for direct linking.

  • What is Curve?

    Curve is a versatile financial app that consolidates all your debit and credit cards into a single platform. It allows you to pay on the go with any of your accounts, ensuring you always have access to your entire wallet. Additionally, you can earn cashback and avoid extra charges when traveling abroad.

    How It Works

    Creating a Curve account is simple and free through the provided link. You'll start with the complimentary standard card. There is a one-time fee for the physical card, but this fee will be automatically refunded to your Curve account once you spend at least €12/£10 within 14 days of setting up your account.

  • Linking Your Card:

    If you have a payment card that can be linked directly or a Curve card, follow these steps:

    Entering Card Details:

    For a directly linked card, enter the card number.

    For a Curve card, enter the virtual card number found in the Curve app after creating your account.

    Completing the Pairing Process:

    Once all information is entered, hold the wearable device still and flat against your phone until the pairing process completes.

  • 1. Add Ring or Bracelet

  • 2. Hold your wearable against the back of your mobile phone

  • 3. Payment Card

  • 4. Introduce the Bank card details.

  • 5. Ready to start pay with the Ring.

Business Card Setup

Share your digital business card instantly by tapping your NFC wearable against any phone with NFC enabled—no app installation required for the recipient.

  • 1. Choose Business Card

  • 2. Add Personal & Company information.

  • 3. Ready to share your business card with partners.