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Pack-5 PVC PhoneCard

Pack-5 PVC PhoneCard

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Presenting the 5-pack edition of our highly sought-after item, the FlexPayz PhoneCard™. Unveiling unparalleled simplicity in connectivity, the FlexPayz PhoneCard™ is here. A brief touch of your FlexPayz Device onto the rear of any compatible phone empowers you to promptly distribute an array of information:

  • Business Profile
  • Contact details
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Share PDF
  • Share Video
  • Share Songs 
  • Customed Link(Webpage, private link)

The best part? The recipient doesn't require any special apps or even their own FlexPayz Device to receive the information!

You have the flexibility to link each FlexPayz to the same primary profile or to up to 5 separate profiles. Whether you're a forward-thinking entrepreneur, a savvy marketer, a dynamic salesperson, or a dedicated consultant, FlexPayz is your ultimate tool. In any profession that relies on face-to-face networking, integrating a digital business card into your strategy can be a game-changer. FlexPay's revolutionary digital business cards empower users to seamlessly share information, establish connections, facilitate follow-ups, and nurture ongoing relationships. With FlexPayz, networking has never been more effortless."


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