How to use FlexPay app?

Device Set-Up : 

When receiving your package, start by tapping your NFC device with your mobile phone. This is going to redirect you to our online web-application. 

If you have an Android, your NFC scanner is situated in the middle of your phone's body. 

If your device has IOS, your NFC scanner is going to be located on the top rim of your phone. 

Do you have an Account? 

If you have previous purchases from our company, you may log in directly with your credentials, if not, tap on "Don't have an account?". 

Start by entering you email, password, confirm your password and the country you're from. 

Manage Devices :

When pressing on this button, a list with all your previously saved devices will appear, press and modify any of the devices you own by simply double clicking on it. 

WWW. F L E X P A Y Z . C O M

Add New Device : 

When pressing on this page, you will be asked to enter the unlock code. This code is going to be provided in your package by our company. Please enter it in the box and press "GO". 

Online Profile Personalization : 

On the left hand side, you have the 4 options we are providing to display on your public page. The Business Card, Custom Links, Upload File or Upload Video. You can choose by ticking the white box which of these would you like to display. Our recommendation is to fill in all 4, and have them ready to go. Whenever you want to switch, log in on our application and just tick another box. The menu for these 4 is displayed at the top, choose which tab you would like to open by pressing on it. 


Start by entering your information in the white boxes provided on the middle row on your screen, and on the right hand side you can register your company details if you'd like these to show also. It is very important to fill in the first box provided centrally, the device name. This can ease your process of searching and finding a specific device. After completing these step, on the bottom right hand corner you can upload a jpg/png picture of yourself or any other jpg/png file you would like to display along with your personal information filled in earlier. Also you can add your CV with the button provided directly under the profile picture.

 Custom Link : 

The custom link page is going to display a specific website of your choice. This was mainly thought for companies or Business Men which want to display their company's website/ personal website but can of course be personalized as you wish ! 

PDF Upload/Share : 

Upload 3 different files of your choice to display such as CV, Work portfolio, Passport, National ID, Drivers License, etc. 

Upload Video : 

Display a video/song with our youtube player. Choose any video already available on youtube and add the link in the box provided. This is going to show the video or song of your choice when the device is tapped. 

The Preview Button : 

The preview button available is going to send you to your public page, where you can check the information selected being displayed. 


Setup/ Add New Device

What is FlexPayz?